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Creating Manufacturing Changes

Protect Your Shipments: Signs You Should Be Using Foam Inserts

Johnny Murray

If you own a business, you need to worry about your shipping. Using the wrong shipping methods can wreak havoc on your business operations. This is especially true if you ship objects that are prone to breakage or damage. The best way to protect your products during shipping is to invest in foam inserts. Foam inserts cradle your products to prevent damage. If you're not sure you need foam inserts, look at the list below. If any of these scenarios pertain to your business, start using foam inserts.

You're Paying Out Damage Claims

Your customers spend good money on your products. They expect their orders to arrive free from damage. When damage does occur, customers expect you to provide a replacement. They may even demand a cash refund for the product. Each time you replace a damaged product, you take away from profitability. You do the same thing when you give a cash refund. If you don't use the right protection for your shipments, you risk losing money. The best way to reduce your damage claims is to use foam inserts.

You're Losing Customers

Damaged shipments can cause you to lose customers. If that's happening, take a closer look at your shipping procedures. Bubble wrap and packing peanuts may work well for most shipments. That doesn't mean they'll work well for all your shipping needs. Customers faced with repeat damage may look elsewhere for their business needs. If that happens, your business may suffer. Keep your customers satisfied. Use foam inserts when you need extra protection for your products.

You Offer Free Returns

If you pay for shipping for returned products, you should be using foam inserts. Without foam inserts, you have no way to ensure that your merchandise is protected during the return shipment. When you provide foam inserts, your customers can use the same packaging to return your merchandise. That means you'll experience fewer broken returns.

You Produce Custom Products

If you produce custom products, ordinary packing materials might not work properly. This is especially true where precision parts and electronics are concerned. Foam inserts provide cushioned protection for all your custom products. That's because they're designed specifically for your merchandise.

You Ship Long Distance

If you ship your products long distances, you need the protection that only foam inserts can provide. Packages can get tossed around during transport, especially where international shipments are concerned. Use foam inserts. Your packages will be protected, no matter how much abuse they endure during shipment.

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