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Creating Manufacturing Changes

The Metal Retro Restoration Guide for Electroplate Finishes

Johnny Murray

Whether you are restoring a car or an antique bathtub with brass fittings, the metal finishes can often become worn and look dull after years of use. Therefore, you want to find solutions to restore these parts without just slapping a coat of paint on them. One of the options that you will want to consider is electroplating. The following electroplating restoration guide will help you restore the shiny finish of your dull metal parts:

1. The Many Different Metal Parts and Objects That You May Want to Give A Shiny Finish with Electroplating  

You are going to want to start by choosing the parts that you want to restore with a new electroplating finish. This can be parts of an old car or motorcycle, which can be original chrome finishes or parts you want to finish with new electroplating. There are also objects like brass hardware, plumbing, and lighting fixtures that can be restored with electroplating.

2. Removing the Parts and Find A Safe Place to Start Cleaning and Disassembling Materials for Chrome Plating

The parts you are planning on restoring with electroplating will need to be removed from where they are currently installed. Once you have removed the parts, you will want to lay them out on a clean workbench. This will give you a safe place to disassemble the parts and continue preparing to send them off for an electroplated finish.

3. Remove Non-Metal Parts and Separate Each Individual Piece to Prepare for Cleaning and Electroplating

Sometimes, the parts that you are planning on restoring with a new electroplate finish will have nonmetal components. Therefore, you will want to disassemble all of these parts. You also want to separate individual components of parts  to ensure you get an even, perfect new metal finish for everything you are restoring.

4. Cleaning the Metal Surfaces to Remove Oxidation and Debris to Prepare the Parts for Electroplating

Lastly, you will want to make sure that everything is clean before sending it off for electroplating. This should include removing any dirt and grime, and lightly sanding any oxidation. If there are severe oxidation and repairs that need to be done before finishing, use chalk to mark the damaged areas and tell the electroplating service about the damage.

If you have old metal parts that are worn for wear and need their finishes restored, electroplating is the best solution to give the metal its shine back. When you are ready to refinish your metal parts, contact an electroplating service to restore the finishes back to showroom quality.