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Creating Manufacturing Changes

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Creating Manufacturing Changes

3 Ways To Improve Lathe Live Tooling Productivity

Johnny Murray

Lathes have been used for centuries to help manufacture a wide range of products. Modern lathes are run by computers and use a variety of specialized tools to complete precise machining tasks.

Live tooling with a lathe can help streamline the manufacturing process, but it can compromise the productivity of your shop if you aren't using your lathe properly. Use these tips to help improve productivity for your lathe live tooling in the future.

1. Invest in a Quick Change System

A great way to improve your productivity is to invest in a quick-change system for your live tooling. Quick-change systems allow you to significantly reduce cycle times by streamlining the tool change process.

It is easy to set up your lathe machine to toggle between tasks when you have a quick-change system installed.

One type of quick-change system to consider is an adapter with preset tools in the same spindle. You can just move the position of the spindle slightly in order to access a new tool, which greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to complete each project.

2. Add Coolant Through the Spindle

A lot of heat is generated during the tooling process. Traditional lathe spindles need time to cool between tooling tasks to prevent overheating and the potential for warping. These cool-down times can delay the completion of your projects and reduce productivity.

An easy way to eliminate the need for cool-down times is to add coolant through the spindle on your live tooling adapter.

The coolant will continually feed through the adapter and help dispel any heat that could damage your live tooling devices. You can work for longer periods of time, which will increase your productivity over time.

3. Invest in Multiple Toolholders

Modern lathe turrets offer multiple tool stations to help maximize the efficiency of the machine. You can easily boost your productivity by investing in multiple toolholders to fit within these tool stations.

Multiple toolholders can house several different live tools in a single adapter. The more cutting tools that you have installed in the machine at any given time, the more tooling tasks you are able to complete without shutting down production to reset the lathe.

Take the time to determine all of the tools you will need before you begin a project and invest in toolholders that can house all tools to increase the productivity of your lathe live tooling in the future.