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Submersible Well Pump Problems & Getting Them Repaired

Johnny Murray

Access to a municipal water supply is one of the most desirable conveniences, but unfortunately, not everyone is able to enjoy access to it. For instance, if a building structure is located too far out into a rural area, there might not be plumbing lines beneath the ground that stretches far enough to access water that is supplied by the nearest city. In such situations, obtaining water is made possible by using wells to obtain water directly from the ground, which is done with help from a pump. Unfortunately, things can go wrong with a submersible well pump that makes it difficult to access the groundwater. If you are dealing with a problematic submersible well pump, a professional might need to make several repairs depending on what is wrong.

Only a Little Water is Being Pumped Up

A well pump should be able to bring up enough water for it to come out at a high pressure through plumbing fixtures. If there is a small amount of water coming out of the fixtures, it might mean that a part known as the drop pipe is leaking. The pipe can be inspected by a professional to determine if there are any leaks that are in need of being fixed. Another reason for a small amount of water to be pumped up is for mud to block the intake screen. Due to there being numerous other reasons in regards to why such a problem might occur, it is wise to seek help from a professional to get to make a diagnosis and repair the pump.

There is No Water Being Pumped Up

Not being able to obtain any water is one of the most frustrating problems to experience with a submersible well pump. Due to the pump needing electricity to run, the first problem that comes to mind when it doesn't work is that it isn't receiving any power. You can actually check the electrical panel in your building structure to determine if the breaker to the pump has tripped off. If it is off, simply turn it back on and the problem should be resolved. You can also hire a professional to check the pressure switch to determine if it is damaged and causing the pump to not work.

The Pump Has an Abnormal Amount of Noise

You shouldn't hear a lot of noise coming from a submersible well pump. If you are suddenly hearing more noise than usual, it points to the bearings being damaged. The bearings can become worn out after a pump has been used for a long time. You can get them replaced by contacting a well pump repair technician. 

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