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Creating Manufacturing Changes

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Creating Manufacturing Changes

Hot Zinc Spray Versus Powder Coating: Finishing Metal Fabrication Without Deforming The Piece

Johnny Murray

Finishing metal once you've gotten the size and shape right is essential as the finishing offers more protection against corrosion, as well as creates a more aesthetically pleasing exterior in many cases. As you've guessed, not all finishing processes are created equal, so you have to be careful choosing a process to ensure you get the one that is most suitable for the metal's eventual purpose. Hot dip galvanizing is a very common process, but it creates a couple of problems that make it not appropriate in some circumstances. Two alternatives are hot zinc spray galvanizing and powder coating, and these both have their own effects.

Why Hot Dip Galvanizing Might Not Be Appropriate

Hot dip galvanizing can deform the metal, because you're both immersing the piece in a hot material and you need some way to hold onto the piece while it's in the hot dip material. That can mean adding small holes or divots to the piece that might otherwise not be needed. If the metal already has holes or edges that allow the piece to be held by forks or poles, then that last issue is no problem. But a piece that needs to be solid and smooth? You don't want to punch holes.

Hot zinc spray still exposes the metal to hot material, but it's not immersive and doesn't make the entire piece heat up at once. The potential for deformation is much smaller. Neither the spray nor powder coating require you to put holes or divots in the metal.

Which to Choose If You Want a Color Other Than Silver

You can choose either method if you want the finished steel to be a color other than silver. The spray will just require another step. Powder coating can be done in just about any color and is great for fast jobs where you need that color-coated metal now; zinc spray will have a silver color, but you can paint over the zinc layer when it's dry. In fact, you can even powder coat over the zinc layer.

Which Is Better at Resisting Corrosion

Powder coating does have a slight edge over zinc spray galvanizing in terms of corrosion resistance, but remember that powder coating can chip, which nullifies that edge. Think of all the metal staircase banisters you've seen outside with chips from rebellious skateboarders doing tricks. If you're going to have something powder-coated and placed outside, you may want to look into additional protection to avoid possible chips.

Once the metal has been finished, it will look great no matter which procedure you choose. For more information on steel fabrication services, talk to a steel fabrication company.