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Creating Manufacturing Changes

3 Different Types of Tarps to Use for Your Business

Johnny Murray

When it comes to purchasing a tarp for your business, it is important to fully understand all the different types of tarps that are on the market. You can purchase a wide variety of different tarpaulin materials in bulk in order to create just the right tarp for your business needs.

Type #1: Mesh Tarps

One type of tarp you can use is a mesh tarp. Mesh tarps are designed to be breathable, allowing air, moisture, and sunlight to pass through the tarp. Mesh tarps have different features depending on how they are crafted.

Some allow sunlight to flow through but block UV rays at the same time. The percentage of harmful UV rays that are blocked depends upon the type of coating used on the tarp. A vinyl-coated mesh material will only block about half the UV rays that hit it.

Mesh tarps can be used for a variety of uses. They can be used to secure a load of sand or gravel, create a breathable fence, used to outline a dugout on a baseball field, and protect protecting plants. They are essentially a strong and versatile type of tarpaulin.

Type #2: Canvas Tarps

Canvas tarps are different from their mesh counterparts. Canvas tarps are heavy and thick; however, at the same time, the canvas is a breathable material that allows air to flow through and past the individual fibers.

Canvas can be treated or untreated and have different properties. They can be designed so that they are resistant to mildew, water, and UV rays. Canvas can also be dyed to create a more unique look.

Basic canvas tarps are often used to protect furniture and flooring during moving and remodeling, protect large loads of fruits and vegetables, and for lots of agricultural applications. They can be used as ground covers as well.

Type #3: Poly Tarps

Poly tarps are made from polyethylene materials, which is essentially a type of plastic. Polyethylene is a lightweight material that can last for a long time and they're able to withstand outside pressure. They are also waterproof but not breathable. Poly tarps are often used to protect things outside from the elements.

When it comes to buying tarpaulin material in bulk, you need to know what features you need from the material.  This will allow you to select the best material for your project. For more information, contact various tarpaulin wholesale providers.