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Creating Manufacturing Changes

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Creating Manufacturing Changes

Keys To Working With Manufacturers When Ordering Polyurethane Foam Packaging

Johnny Murray

Products are pretty easy to protect today thanks to polyurethane foam materials. These packaging products provide a buffer to prevent damage. If you're working with a manufacturer to have said packaging customized, here are some suggestions for going about this process.

Conduct Your Own Tests on Prototypes

If you want to prove out packaging designs for polyurethane foam, then what you can do is have a foam packaging manufacturer make a couple of prototypes that you then test in strategic ways. Maybe it's exposing the foam samples to certain stimuli, such as weather elements and pressure ranges.

These tests will help you see if the designs for polyurethane foam can truly work out based on what products you're trying to support. Once you prove out these prototypes, you can engage in large orders with the packaging manufacturer that you trust to come through.

Take Into Account Case Size if Relevant

Polyurethane foam packaging is often placed inside cases to give products more security and keep them from moving around. You need to take into account the exact size of your cases if you plan on using polyurethane foam in this way.

Then you'll have no issues slipping the foam inside the case and getting a perfect fit. The manufacturer should ask for case dimensions as well to make sure they come through on polyurethane foam that fits how it's supposed to, saving you future adjustments and installation complications.

Don't Forget to Support Other Add-Ons or Accessories

You may be incorporating other things inside the packaging for a product, such as add-on accessories. In that case, they need to be accounted for when getting with a manufacturer and having them customize polyurethane foam for packaging purposes.

Just like you do with the product being supported, you need to account for the size and weight of these accessories. Then your manufacturer can provide openings in the polyurethane foam that are sized right to support these accessories being shipped to different destinations across the country. That will keep product damage from happening on a consistent basis, as well as impress customers because of how thorough your packaging protocols are. 

If you're looking to secure products in high-quality packaging, polyurethane foam is a great solution. That's especially true if you carefully work with a manufacturer to customize this packaging material. They can do some extraordinary things if you're diligent about giving them details on the products that need protection throughout shipping. 

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