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Creating Manufacturing Changes

3 Spiral Freezer Options When You're Short On Space

Johnny Murray

While spiral freezer systems can create a larger freezing line than linear systems in less space, you still need some room to install them. If you want to add spiral freezing to your production line but don't have a lot of free space in your factory, then you might struggle to find a system that fits.

If space is a problem, then look at the following three options.

1. Compact Systems

While a regular spiral freezer might be too big for your available space, you might be able to fit in a compact model. These freezer systems work the same way as regular-sized products; however, they have a smaller footprint.

While a compact system might solve your space problem, bear in mind that you might lose some production speed here. Smaller systems don't always have the same capacity as full-sized systems. However, they work efficiently and quickly so even a compact spiral freezer could be a better option than your current system.

2. Custom-Built Systems

If a compact system won't fulfill all your needs, then a custom-built spiral freezing system could be a viable alternative. Bespoke systems also work well if your space is oddly sized or shaped.

Here, you work with your system supplier to build a spiral system that exactly fits your space. You can also sometimes pick and choose component parts and layouts to customize the build.

This solution can actually help you get a larger system in a smaller space. If you can design the size and shape of the system to meet your space specifications, then you could create a larger production line than if you went with a compact system.

3. External Systems

Even if you don't have room inside your factory for the right size spiral freezer, you can sometimes use outdoor space for these systems instead. If you have some clear space close to your building, then you can talk to manufacturers about building an external system alongside one of your walls.

An external build would give you a large spiral freezer production line without losing any indoor space at all. These systems are usually modular, so they are fast to build.

External systems are also self-supporting and self-sufficient, so you won't need to do any complex building or infrastructure work before installation. You get a larger and more productive system than you could house in your facility.

For more advice, contact spiral freezer systems manufacturers or suppliers.